Malicious! See What Trump Did to Former President Jimmy Carter – This Is Tragic!

Former American President Jimmy Carter was recognized by Argentina President Mauricio Macri with the highest reward from Argentina known as the Order of the Liberator General San Martin.

It is similar to the American Medal of Freedom Award. However, Trump wasn’t happy with this as he moved quickly to block Carter from receiving the highly esteemed tribute. His aides reached out to President Macri, in Buenos Aires, asking him to delay the honor.

The Mauricio Macri administration responded through a national newspaper— the Buenos Aires Herald:


Argentina reversed a decision to award former US president Jimmy Carter the Order of the Liberator General San Martin. The highest distinction that the country can award to a foreign dignitary —, under demands from US President Donald Trump’s administration, CNN reported this week.

The fitting tribute, which had been approved by the foreign ministry and officially published in the Gazette, was canceled under specific instructions from the US government, which suggested it would be best to delay it.

Carter was recognized for promoting human rights during the time Argentina was under military dictatorship.

Argentina anonymously revealed that they halted the ceremony to avoid “a conflict” with Trump, according to a CNN official reporter.