Nationwide FURY Erupts After Pence Makes Childishly Ridiculous Scene At The Winter Olympics — Americans Call It An EMBARASSMENT

During the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, North and South Korea were able to show a surprising display of unity as they entered the stadium together beneath a single flag. Everyone rose to applaud athletes as they entered, beaming with pride and graciously showing respect to the two countries.

Everyone, that is, except Vice President Mike Pence.

Not only did Pence refuse to stand out of respect for the two countries, he also refused to applaud in what can only be described as protest against North Korea. If this sounds remotely hypocritical, that’s because it is. President Trump and VP Pence have routinely criticized athletes for protesting brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem. Pence even staged a walk out that cost Americans a few hundred thousand in tax dollars.


This isn’t the only time on Friday, however, in which he displayed this disrespectful streak of hypocrisy. Earlier, Pence attacked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s military parades while praising Trump’s “idea” to have one in the U.S.
How’s that for hypocrisy!

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