Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Pushed Donald Trump Back with a Massive ‘Gins-burn’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 84, has crushed Donald Trump’s dream that her retirement may be imminent by announcing on Thursday that she has hired a full slate of clerks through 2020. Ginsburg’s newest hires include: Alyssa Barnard, a Columbia Law graduate; Harvard Law grads Marco Basile and Susan Pelletier; and Stanford Law grad Michael Qian.

President Trump actually demanded Ginsburg resign after she criticized him during the 2016 presidential campaign cycle. Trump cited for his reasoning her “dumb political statements” and inferred “mind is shot.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg eventually apologized for bashing the then-candidate.

During his presidency, she’s been much more measured in her comments about his job performance, but the shade is there. Of course it is. This is why she is so beloved. Ginsburg said, in a February interview with the BBC’s Newsnight:

“We’re not experiencing the best of times.”


Back in November 2017, Trump had the hubris to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees… to fill or a vacancy that does not exist. This is but one of scores of examples of this president just being in over his head. He got very lucky that his party was able to hold Scalia’s seat hostage so that he could install Neil Gorsuch. For him to have released his short-list of favorites after having repeatedly insulted Ruth Bader Ginsburg was to engage in a tickle-fight with a wolverine.

Even if Ginsburg had planned for decades to retire before 2020, Trump’s own antics will have caused her to delay that. Once again, Trump proves he’s neither “very stable” nor a “genius.”

Here’s hoping that Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, is willing and able to remain on the Supreme Court for Trump’s entire term as well.