Trump Blindsided By Potential Obstruction Charges Against Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks is a 29 year old former model… and current White House Communications Director. It’s hard to accept that the Trump White House actually has a Communication Director, but here we are.

Hope Hicks is also latest in President Trump’s orbit to be investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In the case of Ms. Hicks, per the New York Times, Mueller is examining whether she should be charged with obstruction of justice.

The period in question extends all the way back to the now-notorious June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr., a Kremlin-linked lawyer, and a handful of other ne’er-do-wells including the recently indicted Paul Manafort. The Trump team’s story has been all over the place, but they originally downplayed the meeting as a discussion about the ban on the adoption of Russian children to U.S. parents. It later was later reported that President Trump himself crafted a (fictitious) statement to that effect aboard Air Force One last July, after the New York Times had first questioned the president about the meeting.

Per emails inexplicably released on Twitter by Donald Trump, Jr. himself — we know the statement that written up on Air Force One was a total lie.


Robert Mueller and his team have been looking for months at the precise level of involvement that the president himself had in crafting the false statement. But according to people close to former Trump legal spokesman Mark Corallo, it’s not just the president that Mueller is investigating with respect to all things meeting. Hope Hicks allegedly worked alongside Trump and his eldest son on the statement, and promised that Trump Jr.’s damaging digital paper trail “would never get out.”

This has been thoroughly disputed by the White House, but so have several other major things which have proven to be true, so that’s not worth much.

The reason that suggesting to a president that something will not “get out” is a pretty terrible idea… is that it sort of infers that there would be action taken to prevent the material getting out. Just as it was never a good idea to shred papers while the FBI is investigating you — it’s also not a good idea to tinker with the idea that one might have damaging digital materials somehow wiped from existence.