Trump Insider: Expect Trump to Resign Before Robert Mueller Pounces

President Donald Trump speaks during the FBI National Academy graduation ceremony, Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, in Quantico, Va. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

One of the men who knows Donald Trump better than almost anyone else has spoken out about a possible resignation.

Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of Trump’s 1987 “memoir” The Art of the Deal has given considerable insight with respect to what exactly motivates Donald Trump. It turns out he’s a fairly simple beast: ego. Ego and ego, subsection A: pride.

Schwartz has written at length about his experiences with Donald Trump, including a piece in Washington Post back in May in which Schwartz said, “Three decades ago, I spent nearly a year hanging around Trump to write his first book, “The Art of the Deal,” and got to know him very well. I spent hundreds of hours listening to him, watching him in action and interviewing him about his life. To me, none of what he has said or done over the past four months as president comes as a surprise.

The way he has behaved over the past two weeks — firing FBI Director James B. Comey, undercutting his own aides as they tried to explain the decision, disclosing sensitive information to Russian officials and railing about it all on Twitter — is also entirely predictable.Early on, I recognized that Trump’s sense of self-worth is forever at risk. When he feels aggrieved, he reacts impulsively and defensively, constructing a self-justifying story that doesn’t depend on facts and always directs the blame to others.”


Schwartz had already predicted that Donald Trump would resign sometime this autumn, but now he predicts the president will resign much sooner. Wednesday, he tweeted: “The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and congress leave him no choice.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke with Mr. Schwartz about his prediction. Schwartz said he thinks, “the snowball is beginning to gather momentum as it comes down the mountain and it reminds me a lot of Watergate and of the last days of Nixon. When the tide turns, it really turns. And that’s what’s happened here.” He cited Trump’s response to Charlottesville and his recent tone on North Korea as reasons he believes the president will resign.

Tony Schwartz also said that Donald Trump “has been deceitful and manipulative for fifty years plus… so what’s gonna get uncovered by an investigation that looks into every corner is almost incalculable.”