Trump Is Just ‘a COSTUME AWAY from a FULL-ON DICTATOR’ Says Bill Maher!

HBO host Bill Maher warned Saturday that President Trump is “really a costume away from a full-on dictator”:

Maher shared a clip from the Real Time episode that aired Friday night in which he talked about Trump’s proposed military parade—which has been confirmed by the White House. Mayer said: Donald Trump told the Pentagon that he wants a military parade. Oh it’s going to be spectacular. Tanks and missiles and fighter jets, all presided over by a loose canon. Maher said this is “scary stuff.”

Later in the show, Bill Maher shared his “dictator checklist,” which he began compiling on Trump last year: We put together a “dictator checklist” last year right around this time. It’s pretty scary. And now with the military parades, he had 8 out of 10. Now he he’s gonna have 9 out of 10. The Real Time host began listing the items that have been checked off. They include:

  • “You’re a narcissist and you like your name or face on buildings,”
  • “You appoint family members to positions of power,”
  • “Rallies,”
  • “You hate the press and use your own propaganda outlet” (which he singled out Fox News as “State TV”),
  • “Missile parades,”
  • “You use your office for you own personal financial gain,” “align with other dictators,”
  • “Claim minorities are the cause of problems in this country,” and
  • “You lie so freely that people don’t know what the truth is anymore.”
  • “Who has rallies after the election is over?” Maher asked.

“He’s still campaigning!” April Ryan responded.

Maher replied: It’s not even about campaigning. It’s about, he’s feeling blue because someone was mean on TV….”So I need 9,000 drooling idiots in an airplane hanger in Tuscaloosa, stat!! Maher noted that the one item on the list that Trump has yet to do is “military costume.”

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